The Resilience Toolkit eCourse


Start your RESILIENCE JOURNEY today!

A fabulous 12 Module Resilience Programme that’s easy to follow and based on the best psychological research out there at the moment.

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Do you get angry easily?
Do you suffer from anxiety?
Do you find it hard to fall asleep because your mind is racing?
Are you always feeling negative?
Are you feeling overwhelmed?


Not only does it impact on your day to day emotional health but it also impacts your physical health.

Created by educational psychologist Juliet Battersby and AwesoME Inc®The Resilience Toolkit eCourse takes you through twelve (12) easy to follow modules full of instructions, worksheets and more, based on the latest scientific research.

Learn to become more resilient, enabling you to deal with times of stress and hardship, and live the life YOU deserve.
By starting your RESILIENCE JOURNEY today you will get…
  • 12 Modules of step-by-step instructions with the latest skills, tools and resources based on the best psychological research out there at the moment.
  • PLUS BONUS content/eBooks including A Guide to Gentle Nutrition by Michelle Yandle
  • PLUS 12 BONUS gorgeous inspirational prints.
  • TOTAL CONTENT VALUE OVER $4,000! Yours for only $49!!

12 Modules:
M1: An Introduction and Resilience Stocktake

M2: Breathing and Guided Meditation + Bonus Content
M3: Mindfulness + Bonus Content
M4: Gratitude & Optimism + BONUS FREE eBOOK

M5: Move Fast
M6: Move Slow + Bonus Content

M7: Social Connection + Bonus Content
M8: Communicate
M9: Contribution

M10: Mindsets + BONUS FREE eBOOK
M11: Challenge Negativity + Bonus Content
M12: Goal Setting + BONUS Vision Board Starter Pack


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