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About Elite Health

Personalised Health Innovation

Elite Health combines specialised expertise with the most advanced technology to provide individualised recommendations that balance stress and recovery while building resilience.

Support for modern life and work

Elite Health draws from the expertise of a number of health professionals in order to create an in-depth and unique offering, tailored specifically to your needs, that can run alongside your existing wellness program or as a stand-alone offering.


Whether you are an individual looking to make healthy and positive changes, an employee looking for the perfect corporate wellness program, or a business owner hoping to improve workplace morale, resilience, and wellness, Elite Health is for you.

Elite Health is backed by science and we take pride in creating results-based programs formulated from individual data.


Elite Health is dedicated to improving the mental and physical wellbeing of you and your staff.

We recognise that what might work for one person won’t for the next so we offer result-based programs formulated on individual data.

We believe that a successful organisation comprises a diverse range of happy, healthy and resilient individuals.

Our Partners

We are proud of our expertise in preventative health strategy and corporate health leadership. As a team, we possess a wide range of skills in health, wellness and science.

We also draw from the expertise of several strategic partners, that enables us to devise an in-depth and unique offering that can run alongside your existing wellness program or as a stand-alone offering.

Firstbeat Provider Australia
Heartmath Provider Australia
Awesome Inc Provider Australia

Elite Health is a dynamic and innovative team dedicated to improving the health and performance in both individuals and organisations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wellness coaching?2021-10-26T04:38:36+11:00

Wellness coaching is a holistic approach, tailored to the individual, drawing from several clinical and therapeutic modalities designed to support the client to make sustainable, self-directed lifestyle changes enabling significant steps forward on their health and wellbeing journey.

What is HRV and why does it matter?2021-10-26T04:39:31+11:00

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the variation in time between consecutive heart beats. It is universally accepted as a non-invasive marker of autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity and health. HRV is regulated by the ANS and its sympathetic (accelerator) and parasympathetic (brake) branches. The sympathetic branch is the stress or fight and flight system, increasing heart rate and readying us to act and react with the ability to meet everyday demands of life. The parasympathetic side is the rest and digest system, which slows the heart rate, allowing the body to calm down and recover. If a person is experiencing chronic stress, either physical or emotional, it’s like driving a car with the foot on the brake and the accelerator at the same time, causing overload. If excessive or prolonged it can lead to burnout and disease.

HRV changes from day to day based on activity levels and amount of external stress. Internal stress factors include poor nutrition, alcohol use, illness etc. High HRV is indicative of good health.

How is the data which Elite Health provides different to the data I can get from my Garmin/Fitbit2021-10-26T04:39:46+11:00

Firstbeat technology is pro grade with near lab accuracy, measuring heart rate variability (HRV) using a professional grade sensor with electrocardiogram (ECG) technology, the gold standard in heart rate and heart rate variability measurements. Most wearables only measure heart rate (HR).

Instead of just monitoring, you see the connection between your reactions to daily events so you can make proactive choices about your health and well-being. While HR and HRV are controlled by your autonomic nervous system, HRV reveals a much more detailed picture of your physiological state both during activity and rest. Firstbeat assessments give a clear picture, with reporting including actionable insights.

The underlying data of wearables may not be accurate, as various things can throw off sensor readings, such as flexing muscles, wearing the device too loosely or skin pigmentation.

What does Elite Health do?2021-10-26T04:40:06+11:00

We are a performance and consulting company delivering cutting edge programs, tools, and technology to identify and reduce health and wellbeing risks to organisations and all levels of staff, including leadership, to boost performance, productivity, and health.

We use a client-directed approach to support clients to make behavioural and sustainable lifestyle changes, allowing the client to make significant steps forward on their health and wellbeing journey.  Because we lead with data, there is no guesswork to what we do.

Various modalities including physiological monitoring, neuroscience, and positive psychology help clients improve physical and mental wellbeing, one small change at a time.

As a company, anonymous aggregated group data reporting can assist employers to identify potential risks, understand trends and develop a healthy workplace well-being and culture.

Which program is right for me/my business?2021-10-26T04:40:20+11:00

When it comes to choosing a program, there are many variables to consider.  We consult with you to identify your needs and goals and make a collective decision based on those factors whilst also considering budget.  Our programs can sit alongside programs which you already have in place or can be stand-alone wellness initiatives.

What is Firstbeat?2021-10-26T04:40:34+11:00

Firstbeat is the leading provider of near lab accurate physiological analytics for sports and well-being.  Heart rate variability data, combined with advanced mathematical and signal processing methods creates a unique digital model of the human body and physiological reactions, which is transformed into personalised information that makes exercise, stress, sleep and recovery visible in a powerful way, helping to identify the steps a client can take to enhance performance and health with science backed confidence.

Are results confidential?2021-10-26T04:40:49+11:00

We take Privacy very seriously at Elite Health and we commit to treating the personal information we collect in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act).

Company level reporting is anonymous, aggregated data.

What is HeartMath?2021-10-26T04:41:07+11:00

HeartMath is a unique system of validated science backed tools, advanced technologies and programs providing practical solutions for improved emotional, mental, and physical health and sustainable behavioural change.

Based on over 30 years of research on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the brain, the HeartMath Institute Research Centre has explored the physiological mechanisms by which the heart and brain communicate and how the activity of the heart influences our perceptions, stress, emotions, intuition, and health.

Is there scientific evidence behind the services you offer?2021-10-26T04:41:21+11:00

Both Firstbeat and HeartMath tools, technologies and programs are the result of over two decades of scientific research and development, extensive customer experience and data analysis, based on heart rate variability (HRV).

HRV is the naturally occurring beat-to-beat changes in the amount of time between heartbeats that make up heart rhythm.

HRV has been used in thousands of clinical trials and mentioned in more than 14,000 scientific articles.  HRV is typically used in hospital and research settings and increasingly more recently in psychological research.

HRV stands out as the most dynamic and reflective indicator of one’s emotional states and, therefore, current stress and cognitive processes, which explains how and why heart activity affects mental clarity, creativity, emotional balance, intuition, and personal effectiveness.  Various factors such as physical activity, thoughts and feelings, perceived stress (whether real or imagined) and breathing patterns all influence heart rhythm patterns.

“Maree really knows her stuff when it comes to heart rate variability monitoring and the impact of lifestyle choices and ways of thinking and perceiving. The insight and understanding I have gained from working with and observing Maree has had an impactful influence on my health, wellbeing and resilience.”

Maree McKeown

Director, Complexity Leadership Centre

Reduce stress. Build resilience.

Why Elite Health?

Drawing from expertise including physiology, positive psychology and psychophysiology Elite Health assist in optimisation of sleep, recovery, performance and overall health.


We use digitised physiology based on over 20 years of research into autonomic nervous system functionality.


Using heart rate variability the Firstbeat assessment reveals what is happening behind the scenes in your body.


Recommendations are based on each individal’s results removing all the guess work and improving outcomes.

Small changes, done regularly, create healthier results.


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