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Emotional and Physical Wellness Made Simple

Elite Health is dedicated to supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of your staff. Backed by science, we offer a results-based program formulated through individual data.

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Corporate Wellness

Elite Health employs a ground up approach, believing that all individuals can benefit from our program. The aim is a robust workforce comprised of various strengths and personalities, each working to their best mental and physical self.

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Personal Wellness

We are dedicated to supporting your mental and physical wellbeing – at any stage of life.  We offer science-backed, results-based programs formulated on your own personal data ensuring that you are feeling and performing at your best.

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From compliance to commitment

“Our corporate wellness programs are grounded in the reality of how people live and work and developed based upon commitment, not compliance. We genuinely want to help support the health and wellbeing of your staff and grow or amplify your workplace culture. In a corporate context, think mentally and physically strong staff who feel and perform at their best.”

Maree Barry, Director Elite Health

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